I’m “GEEKED” about Younique!

Today I was trying to come up with “catch” phrases concerning my new business venture. It went something like this…………..

“The longer your lashes, the more car crashes.” ( I decided that one might not be very appealing but I was driving when I thought of it so hey, cut me some slack….)

“The longer your lashes, the closer they are to your eyebrows…..”  (I’m sorry, I still think that one is funny but I often crack my own self up!!)

“Our 3D lashes, will earn you more sashes!”  (As in pageants…except no one was going to “get” that one and I don’t think “sashes” is a word…)

“Get your lashes today, but don’t forget to pay!” (Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…. maybe not.)


I’ve been working for about 2 weeks solid on this new cosmetic venture that I have found myself engrossed in. I don’t know why. Not too many things do I have a strong passion about like this . My main passions are #1- God. #2-my family and #3 seems to be a toss up between bacon and kittens. Both are loveable and both have been a standard necessity in making life worth living. With that being said…I had to stop eating bacon about 3 months ago and around the same time I had to get rid of my cat because my darling little, sweet angel of preciousness, daughter is highly allergic. So…what to do? I had to find something to “replace” those with. When you stop an addiction (and yes, bacon was my drug of choice) you have to replace it with something else in order not to go back to the same bad habit. And so I did. I “accidentally” stumbled upon a post online about this 3D Fiber lash mascara. I started researching the company and in about 3 hours I was signed up. Never heard of it. Never knew a soul selling it. Nada. Zilch. I was just simply “led” by my #1 priority to this company.

I would like to tell you about it. I want to preface this by saying that my husband, whom I often refer to as “Big Injun Man” on my personal blog here where you can find out more about the “REAL” ridiculous me..http://southerngoulash.com/  told me today that this opportunity “sounds too good to be true.”  It was interesting to me that he said that because that is the way I feel. Yet…it IS true. I will tell you why by hitting the high points only, and if you feel “led” as well, I would urge you to contact me at nerchel@hotmail.com or by leaving a comment below.

1. The product sells itself. Just look at the pics of the 3D lashes. Ladies NEED these!


2.  It’s only $99 to get started with EVERYTHING you need! (The kit changes month to month but usually has all the basic minerals, pigments, etc.)


3. You get paid DAILY as you sell with a Visa card that is loaded. No waiting on a check at the end of the month!

4. You don’t have to have home parties!!!!!! What’s that you say? No cleaning the house? No begging friends to come over on a Sat.? No cooking bacon  delicious treats for your friends who won’t show up! Younique encourages selling via Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you are like me, being on the computer is NOT an issue! In fact, if you are reading this right now, you might as well be making money while you are already online!

5. You get to play in makeup that is naturally based and frankly, the most BEAUTIFUL and lovely products I have EVER used. Gluten FREE and animal cruelty free!


6. You get your very own website as soon as you sign up and well…it kinda makes you feel “important” without all the legwork. Here is mine and this is what yours would look like as well.

Rachel Moore – Younique Products

7. This is one of my favorite aspects! You do not have to keep product on hand at all! Your clients order direct from your very stylish website and it ships directly to them! How stinkin’ awesome is that?!?!

8. You can host parties online even when you want to order for yourself or someone can host a party for you. Either way, the hostess rewards are INCREDIBLE and super easy to obtain! You or your hostess will end up with FREE product!


9. The support system is amazing! I have already in my short time, found new friends, met people online and am enjoying the social aspect of Younique more than anything!

10. Lastly,  and more importantly…this is a new company. It is just now one year old . What does this mean for you?  As of today, there are around 2600 “presenters” nationwide. Many areas are completely UN-touched and open for being in on the GROUND-FLOOR! We all know that that is the ONLY place to be in any multi-level marketing company. The company is already breaking major records in sales, approximately $7 million in one year. I would compare it to this: What if… just what IF…we had bought stock in Wal-Mart the first year it was open? Before it became “well-known?” Before most people even knew about it? One tiny share!! Where would we be today? Not buying our own bacon at Wal-Mart, we would be sending our personal bacon buyers to buy it for us as we sat and watched someone cook it and then feed it to us! (Ok…a little exaggerated , but you get my drift…) Do not let this opportunity get away from you! The time is TODAY. We have a campaign coming up, and that is, when Younique reaches 10,000 “presenters,” corporate will be giving away TEN,  $10,000 checks to the presenters that reach level “black.” That is something to work towards if nothing else! At the rate people are signing up, and I will say it is ridiculous…it won’t be long before they reach 10,000 presenters.


Like I said, those are my “high points” but there are so MANY more!  “Too good to be true” Big Injun? NO SIR!!!  Quit trying to figure out what is wrong with it, and see everything that is RIGHT with it! Do not over-think it and consider this, if you find that you do not want to work this business, you get all this AWESOME product in your kit ! I would buy a kit every month if they allowed it!

And so I invite you today to take a look at this company and if you feel any spark of interest at all, please let me know how I can help. Here is the link to ‘SIGN UP” right away if you are already ready like I was! https://www.youniqueproducts.com/RachelMoore/corporate/presenterinfo

And so I found my “catch phrase” finally. ” I’m GEEKED about YOUNIQUE! “

Pretty nifty aye? Yeah. I thought so. Maybe corporate will make some t-shirts or coffee mugs using it….I JUST KNOW THEY WILL! ;)

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